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Missy, I was just introduced to "the Sneaky Chef" and I

have a three year old that has many stomach and gastro (acid reflux) question is...are these foods easy on the stomach and
easy to digest? Are there other recipes you would suggest for her
special needs. Thanks 

Dear Heather,

Your daughter is lucky to have such a caring mommy. I'd suggest that you discuss the ingredients of my purees with your daughter's doctor–The orange puree of carrots and sweet potatoes, for example, is used in dozens of my tomato sauce recipes, like pizza and pasta sauce. It not only adds a delicious natural sweetness which we all love, but it significantly cuts acidity as well. If you doctor likes the idea for your daughter's conditions, she will not only benefit from the improved flavor but the added nutritional content as well : )

Good luck!


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Also try taking your daughter off of wheat and gluten containing products. Use rice based for a while since they are easier on the stomach. Also try lactose free milk or dairy free milks.

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