Sneaky Pancakes

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Dear Missy

I am new to your website, but I have had your first book
since it first came out... I recommend it to every mom I know...
especially those who whine about wanting their kids to eat healthy but
feed them junk nonetheless. My kids absolutely LOVE your chocolate do I... they are an absolute lifesaver. I make multiple
batches, freeze them and then toast them in the morning as we are
running out the door to 2 different schools in 2 different towns in
opposite directions - I call them the healthy "pop tart".  I don't
know if you've already answered this or addressed it somehow, but
I\'ve been wishing that your book had all the nutrition information
for each recipe, as in calories, fat, protein, fiber etc. It would be
very helpful in a lot of ways. And as you are making moms lives easier
I was wondering if you've considered putting in  page numbers
whenever you reference another recipe (ex: make ahead recipe #3,
pg..XX)  In my copy of the book, I've written a lot of them in but
would love it if they were there for every recipe. It makes for much
quicker flipping back and forth and better use of the book. Thanks so
much for doing these wonderful, much needed books. I can't recommend
them enough. Sincerely, Deborah G.

Dear Deborah,

It was wonderful to hear from you. I'm so glad my sneaky pancakes are such a success for you and your family. Stories like yours make all of my work worthwhile : )

You can find nutritional information for some of most popular recipes on the free recipe pages of my website. I've also included nutritional analysis for every recipe in my latest book, Sneaky Chef to the Rescue.

Page numbers are a little trickier, but we'll work on it : )

I wish you every continued success!

With healthiest regards,


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