Michelle Obama's Agenda Includes Healthful Eating

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The New York Time's Dining and Wine Section had an interesting article on the Obamas this week. Seems they're as into healthy food as we are! It's bound to have a positive affect on the nutritional awareness of  Americans, and even the world.

In a speech at the Department of Agriculture last month, Mrs. Obama described herself as “a big believer” in community gardens that provide “fresh fruits and vegetables for so many communities across this nation and world.”

The White House Chef tried sautéed spinach with olive oil and shallots, whipped into a purée. But Mrs. Obama conceded, the dish was not a hit with Sasha. No matter what you do, she said ruefully, “sometimes kids are like, ‘It’s green!’ ” Gotta' try sneaking it in, Michelle! A little green purée goes a long way :)

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