"What I'm looking for is food that tastes good for a good price."-President Obama

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Obama was referring to a simple restaurant in Chicago where they still make everything from scratch–delicious wholesome fare, at a fair price.

He is a man after my own heart. Every recipe I’ve developed for The Sneaky Chef has to pass three tests before it goes to print: first, it has to be delicious, second, it has to be packed with nutrition, and last but not least, it has to be made from accessible, real life, practical ingredients you can easily find and easily afford.

All three have to work together successfully if you’re going to feel really good about what you’re eating. A meal like this will give you the kind of deep down, lasting satisfaction that you feel all day long.

So, first, delicious. Either you really like it, or you’ll just be trying to convince yourself with every bite. If it doesn’t pass the taste test, it’s not going to be something that you’ll choose to make again.

Second, real nutrition. Our bodies and our energy levels never lie. It takes just one time to experience the difference between, say, how my Brainy Brownies (with hidden spinach and blueberries) leave you feeling, or your kids behaving, and the effect that regular brownies have.

Finally, real life ingredients you can use daily. If you have to travel to three specialty stores all over town to round up a bunch of exotic ingredients, it’s just not practical and certainly not economical. Compare that to the feeling of satisfaction you get when you can suddenly create all new nutrition-packed meals from the same store you always shop at, only now with a new eye for what you can put together quickly and easily.

At the end of the day, you’ll have made delicious, nutritious meals from readily available ingredients that leave you and your family feeling great for all the right reasons. It’s awesome having a foodie in the White House ☺

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