Texture Issue

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Dear Sneaky Chef,
I have a little different problem. My 2 1/2 yr old son will eat ONLY
baby food veggies. Everytime I try to give him regular SOFT veggies he
cries and refuses to eat anything all together. I've tried to puree
my own veggies to try and break this textural problem. Its obviously
because he doesn't like the textures. Any ideas? I'm so frustrated.
But I don't want to totally eliminate the baby food veggies for fear
he won't eat ANY veggies. HELP!

- Frustrated Mom

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Dear Nicole,

It's amazing how every child seems to have such a definite game plan when it comes to meals.....and so often, it's not OUR game plan!

First, the positive: your son seems to be hooked on nutritious food! That's great. I assume he eats other food besides veggies; are there textural preferences there, as well? I think I'd cook up whatever pleases him the Sneaky-Chef way (chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, etc. with the sneaky purees). If you keep expanding his repertoire, exposing him to different textures, I'm sure he'll start pushing away those bottles of baby food.....and be on YOUR game plan!

With healthiest regards,


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