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Youngest Inquirer Ever

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Dear Ms. Missy,

"For my science fair project, I'm going to do a taste test.  I will make people taste cookies and brownies with vegetables in them.  We are going to tell them that sample b has vegetables in it.  Sample a we are not going to say anything about the vegetables.

How do you get the vegetables in them?

How do you hide the taste of the vegetables?

How do you pick vegetables that will taste good in treats?

How healthy is the brownies and cookies as the brownies and cookies without vegetables?"

from Emma R.

Grade 1

Mom's Note:  Thanks again for all of your help with this project.  Emma is "too scared" to talk to you on the phone.  So, she wanted to email her questions to you.  As you can see, the questions are in her own voice.  Please, don't hesitate to ask if you need clarification!

Sneaky Halloween Help

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With Halloween fast approaching, I’d like to share some sneaky tips to help families get through this nutritionally rough holiday:
-Don’t buy Halloween candy early – get it a day before – that’ll prevent eating it before the 31st.
-Give kids a good dinner (high protein and fiber) before they go out trick or treating  - this will keep them full and prevent overeating candy during the evening; examples of a good dinner are whole grain pasta with turkey meatballs or meatsauce – loaded with pureed veggies in the sauce.
-If your kids want to eat candy throughout their time trick or treating, give them a lollipop to suck – this will keep their mouths happy for very few calories (it’s a trick I use on myself when I take the kids out – so this mom doesn’t nibble too much candy!).
-After Halloween, give away a handful of candy everyday until it magically disappears – tossing the entire bag out at once will cause a riot. Allow kids to eat a piece or two of candy a day.
-To avoid temptation, keep the candy somewhat out of sight (and hopefully out of mind) – not in clear glass bowls/jars out on the counter.

The Difference Between the Two Books

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    From:       catherine
    Subject:     Ask The Sneaky Chef Question
    Date:     September 30, 2008 1:47:09 AM PDT
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From: Cathie Barker (in Australia)

Message: Hi Missy,

I love your book How to Cheat on Your Man, both my children, husband
and I love the recipies and I have them all fooled as to what the
ingredients are!

Can you please tell me how your Kid\'s cookbook differs from the
Man's as it is proving quite hard for me to track down.


The Sneaky Chef is available at fine booksellers everywhere: