Iron Absorption

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From: Mylena

I just purchased your book and can't wait to get to town to
buy everything (I live in a small town and the store is stocked slim).
My question is that my daughter's iron is low and need some high iron
recipes, can you tell me which ones from the book would be the highest
in iron.



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Hi Mylena,

You can look in the book for my list of foods that combine well to enhance the absorption of iron. It's not just about sources of iron, but about absorbing iron. I can also tell you that millet is an excellent source. Here is a partial list of foods that enhance the absorption of iron:

Meat + tomatoes
Blueberries + spinach
Tomato sauce + beans
Potatoes + white beans
Spinach + tomatoes

Enjoy in good health : )

Missy Chase Lapine
The Sneaky Chef

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