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Frozen Spinach

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From:   Michelle
Subject: Ask The Sneaky Chef Question
Date: August 18, 2008 7:07:58 PM PDT

From: Michelle

Message: I LOVE your recipes, and I am enjoying adding your purees to
some of my own recipes.

When I make green juice, I use frozen spinach. The problem is, no
matter how long I puree it, it often comes out stringy and thick. Am I
doing something wrong?

Thanks again for your wonderful book that has changed our meal-time


Olympic Moms

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How inspiring was this year's olympics!? I watched with my family from high in the mountains of Colorado, along with the rest of the country, while the astonishing Michael Phelps made history. But my attention was also very much on the 22 mothers who were competing in the olympics. There was the 33 year old mother and gymnast who medaled against world class athletes half her age or less. Even more captivating was 41 year old gold medalist and mother, Dara Torres, swimming against 16 year olds. I had no idea that there were 22 olympic athlete moms. Mothers competing against the world's greatest athletes? I can't tell you how inspiring that is.
My entire family was inspired. We biked and hiked and swam like we never have before. There was an advertisement on during the events that said that there is one marathon more grueling than any olympic event: being a mother. I loved seeing that ad. I think about the incredible discipline and focus that must be required to be an olympian, and then I think about how much the average mom has to do to raise children, and often maintain a career on top of it, in today's world. It's pretty much a toss up in my book.
While watching these olympics, I renewed my commitment to do at least one full hour a day of real exercise. I know that doesn't sound like much in comparison to what these olympic moms are doing, but it'll be great for me, and for my relationship with my family. Between the new tae kwon do classes with my daughter, Sammy, walking the hills around my home, and tennis a few times a week, I am determined to   increase my energy for life. I know I am so much more productive with regular exercise, and my relationships with my family and friends always improve as well.  
Thank you, olympic moms, for inspiring us all.

Iron Absorption

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From: Mylena

I just purchased your book and can't wait to get to town to
buy everything (I live in a small town and the store is stocked slim).
My question is that my daughter's iron is low and need some high iron
recipes, can you tell me which ones from the book would be the highest
in iron.



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