Healthy Drinks

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From: Brian J.

Dear Sneaky Chef,

So I am always on the look for new flavored drinks.  Are there any other sneaky drinks that you know of?  I should also mention that I am lactose intolerant.  I can take a dariy aid pill that contains the lactase enzyme so that I can digest the dairy in my foods or drinks. 

I am that forty something guy who has osteoporosis.  That means absolutely zero alcohol or carbonation in my drinks, since both of those things rob the body of calcium.  I am now seriously into good nutrition. 

Thanks, Brian

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Hi Brian,
How about calcium-fortified rice or soy milk? I also like herbal (fruity) teas with fresh lemon juice and a little honey. You might also try a smoothie made from some frozen blueberries or frozen cherries and rice or soy milk. Sounds like you enjoy interesting drinks - have you ever considered getting a juicer? Champion Juicer is a great choice,
and a great way to pack in tons of nutrition.

Here's an interesting article on osteoporosis, with some more good ideas:

My best,

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