Saving Our Environment: How One Person Can Make a Difference

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By Emily Chase Lapine, Age 10

Have you ever wondered what our world will be like in 100 or so years, if we don’t act fast about landfills, global warming, and the environment in general? “Nobody knows what is going to happen” says environmentalist John Mape. “But whatever is we are doing the best we can to stop it.”  Every day you are polluting greenhouse gasses in to the air which come from cars, planes, factories, ect... But also every day you are helping the environment without even knowing it? We can not just stop driving our cars in a matter of one day to stop pollution, but we can cut back on a lot of things that we do that effect the environment. For example we can buy cars that are better for the environment because they travel on less gas, and pollute less.

Read on to find some easy ways you can help the environment and ways you are already helping the environment!
Easy ways you can help the environment

Helping the environment is not a big task. Most people think that helping the environment just stay clean takes up every minute of your life. But you really can help so much in your daily life without even noticing. Here are some ways that you can go green the easy way!

Did you know that when you stop buying cd’s and download music to your I-Pod or MP3 player you are already helping the environment. By not buying cd’s you are not throwing away so much stuff. Especially throwing away cd’s because the take so, so, so long to disintegrate and when they finally do they leak a toxic acid which is very, very harmful to the environment.

Also when you buy stuff and sell stuff on Ebay you are also helping the environment, because you are not throwing away your stuff like furniture, electronics, and tons of other stuff. Do you know how much that helps our environment?   

My friend Olivia says, “People don’t care enough about the environment to understand that our world is getting ruined by littering and air pollution as we speak.” Well Olivia is right, we don’t care enough about our environment to take time and actually think about what is happening to the world. If you want to help stop the global warming and all of the stuff that is hurting our world, take a day and go help clean up a local park and do some other stuff to help the environment. Just remember that you can make a difference.

Air pollution

Air pollution is also a big problem for our world. Studies show the biggest ways of traveling are by car, and by plane which is not very good for our environment. All things that run on fuel, which produce pollution are destroying our world. Cars are an important part of life for most people. But cars also release pollution and greenhouse gasses in to the air. Fortunately, car manufacturers are making cars better for the environment by making them run on battery and less gasoline called Hybrids. They don’t pollute as much as regular cars, using these cars can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the air.

Factories and transportation depend on huge amounts of fuel, billions of tons of coal and oil are consumed around the world every year. When these fuels burn they introduce smoke and other less visible by-products in to the atmosphere. Although wind and rain occasionally wash away the smoke and other bad stuff in the air from power plants and automobiles it still effects our world. The cumulative effect of air pollution gives a great threat to humans and the environment.

How it effects our world

I bet you didn’t know that everyday one small Ice berg melts, every month a chunk of the North Pole floats away, and every 5 years a glacier melts. The point is that global warming is just bad and so is air pollution and all of those other things in the world that are bad for the environment. I wrote this article to get people to start helping and actually know what is happening to our environment every single day. Just know that every person counts.

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