Nutritional Analysis of Sneaky Chef Recipes

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Some of you have noticed that I've started to add nutritional analysis to the free recipes offered on my website, prompted by your requests.  While I intentionally designed all of my recipes to be lower in calories and fat and high in fiber, I was also concerned with slipping in the superfoods that can change our health for the better. It wasn't until I saw the numbers myself  that I realized the final Sneaky Chef recipes often have only a fraction of the calories and fat of their traditional counterparts, and usually many times the fiber. It's no wonder my husband is losing weight and his cholesterol is down!

One group of firemen I interviewed for the Sneaky Chef Men's Book told me that it would be one thing to hide what they called "super veggies" in their favorite foods, but that it would be quite another to have their favorite comfort foods remade to be lower in calories and fat. They didn't believe I could do it while still having their favorite meals turn out tasting as good as the original. That was what they wanted: to have it taste like the original, but be healthy.

So the challenge was laid out before me. I'd been able to do it with kid's meals, but these were grown men. They were ready to detect  anything even slightly different, and I took this as a challenge.
Their desires resulted in sneakily enhanced versions of many of their favorites, including Boosted Buffalo Wings, Major Leek Soup, Hobo Hash and Stacked Pancakes (click here to go to The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Man in the Kitchen).

I say, if you can make it taste just as good, why not make every recipe as healthy as it can be? If you'd like to see your favorite fattening recipe remade The Sneaky Chef way and made way healthier, please send it to me in this blog or to my email at  I'll work on as many recipes as I can, and post the results and the before and after nutritional comparisons on this site.

Thanks for all your great comments and support!

With healthiest regards,

Missy Chase Lapine
The Sneaky Chef

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Hi - I would really like to hear more from your husband on his weight loss and cholesterol improvements. Is he exercising more? Eating less (portion control)of your great foods? These are the same two things I am working on too. I could use the support and input/inspriration!
Maybe he could do a blog post.
Best- Greg

Hi, really nice to see the nutritional analysis information! Great job!

Hi Missy, just wondering if you can give any hints on what the new book will be about? When will it be out? Is it about sneaky weight loss? I hope it includes adults, I would love even more recipes.
I made the brownies tonight in a 9 inch pan, worked great, tasted even better!
I guess nutritional analysis makes sense - I kind of look at that but I would rather know the overall profile is healthy and I need to watch my portions. The brownies were supposed to serve 16 and I cut my 9 inch pan into 9 brownies, only had one but I gotta learn those portions if I am gonna lose weight!Your food is just too good!
Keep those ideas and books coming.
Best- Greg

I had to let you know I made the barbell burgers last evening. Everyone thought they were buffalo burgers, they couldn't figure out what tasted different - but everyone loved them!
It is kinda fun being sneaky.

Hi Greg,

My husband always tries to exercise as much as he can and also watches portion control. These are basics to weight maintenance and loss. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in losing weight, in addition to making recipes as healthy as they can be using the Sneaky Chef method.

Carry on with the great work you're doing!

All the best,


I also want to make something very sneaky and which will be loved by all. Can you suggest me something good?




Hi Missy,

Your recipes are great. Follow me on my blog for other recipe ideas.

My blog is:

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