Host a Healthy Cooking Night

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From: Marissa

Missy -- thanks for all your insight!!!  How would I get
permission to host a "learn how to cook healthy" night at my son's
grade school?  We would love to use your recipes and knowledge to
improve on the eating habits of our children.

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Hi Marissa,

You certainly have my permission to host a "learn how to cook healthy" night at your son's grade school. You can use whatever recipes you like. Please just acknowledge them as being from The Sneaky Chef.

You can also host a puree party with friends. It's easy. You've inspired me to put this into action and I'm going to post the fun and easy instructions on my website soon! It will be called: “How to Host a Sneaky Chef Puree Party” and will appear in the "Free Recipes" pages of the website.

Thanks for the inspiration :)

With healthiest regards,

Missy Chase Lapine
The Sneaky Chef

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