Ace Young, American Idol Finalist with Missy Chase Lapine

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Ace Young, American Idol Finalist with Missy Chase Lapine, The Sneaky
Chef in Philadelphia on tour.

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Hi, nice to see you in Philly, I grew up in south jersey so that is my home area.
Is Ace using your book?
I am wondering how best to use your book for weight loss? Exercise and eat less of this good food? I have been using the smoothies but my weakness is dessert! I am trying to drop about 40 lbs.
Or do you recommend a program like weight watchers while using your book.
Thanks again for writing your book- I am really enjoying it.

Hi Greg,

I Don’t know if Ace is using the book, but he liked it and allowed a photo with it!  As for losing weight, my recipes are lower fat, calories and sugar, but you need to keep track of quantities as always. So eat my nutritionally enhanced foods, but stop when you are no longer hungry (instead of “full”) – it’s all about quantities.  Eat about half of the amount you think you want, is my rule of thumb.



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