Wow! What a great response!

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Moms, dads, and even kids have been writing in daily with testimonials about the men's recipes in my new book released last week, "How to Cheat on Your Man in the Kitchen."  I can't tell how good that makes me feel. Even though The Sneaky Chef for Kids continues to be a best seller, I have to admit that I still had a bit of anxiety in me about the publication of the men's recipes. Well, I am sleeping well now, thanks to everyone who has told me that the man in their life is gobbling up the food and asking for more.

It seems that our test groups of firemen were right-they didn't care if it was healthy as long as it tasted good.  In fact, they preferred it healthy. This makes sense to me because that's what I want, too. Now it's been validated by men everywhere, and I couldn't be happier about it.  

Why not make every recipe as healthy as it can be? If it tastes as good as the original, there's absolutely no reason not to.  And given that food is our best weapon against disease, there is even more reason to include super foods in our favorite recipes whenever we can. This is only getting better and better!

With healthiest regards,


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Hello- thanks so much for writing this new book focusing on men's health. As a guy and a person who loves to cook for my family I am very excited!I am also trying to lower my cholesterol numbers and get off a statin - if possible. Do you think it is or have any extra tips to try to get off a statin with the permission of my physician?
I do have two questions:
- is butter better or a trans-fat free spread like a smart balance?
- I got three avocados today for your meal replacement recipes (for the weight loss efforts!) how best to keep the part I don't use?
Thanks so much for the book - I am trying the weight replacement shakes, blockbuster blueberry muffins and the pizza pesto tonight.
And thanks for the beautiful new web-site.
I have tried every diet out and I think I know of all the new ones lined up for this spring but I am going to be smarter this time and just become a sneaky chef instead!
I'll let you know when I reach my goal of 30 pounds lost forever!
Best to you- Greg

OK- I made the brownies tonight and ate one while still warm- they smelled too good to wait- oh my gosh- delicous!I can't believe it had all that great stuff in the brownie.
My only question is that they were so thin. I made them in a 9x13 pan, should they go in the 9 inch instead? I am not sure what I did wrong - followed recipe exactly.Thanks! Greg

Hi Greg,

It's great that you're diving into this : )

Your butter question is an interesting one. I personally prefer butter because it's less processed, but there are cholesterol and other factors to consider, too.

Regarding the avos, slice them in half the long way and leave the pit in the half you don't use. Then place a few drops of fresh lemon juice on it, cover and refrigerate for not more than a day or two.

Enjoy! I can't wait to hear from you when you've reached your goals : )


Hi Greg,

Use a 9x9 pan and they will be thicker. You've probably discovered this by now : )

Keep up the great work!


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