Prefer purees over whole veggies

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First I have to say I love your cookbook!!!  I love how your puree's are a blend of veggies.  I made my first sneaky dinner last night and it was delish!  I am not a big veggie eater but it helps me by having purees in the meal instead of whole veggies.

I just needed to find out how to figure out the caloric value and break husband and I need to watch our calorie intake.

Thank you for the cookbooks!

Jeanine A.

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Hi Jeanine,

You're not alone–many people prefer to have their veggies "hidden" within the meal they're eating, rather than having to eat them straight up. Personally, I do both, as I feel that the more the better.

But I understand that many people just don't like them straight up, and there are so many benefits to increasing the quantity of veggies hidden in a dish, including caloric reduction and nutrient enhancement. So, however you like them, keep it up : )

With healthiest regards,


I'm a 30 something year old adult, and I've never liked veggies. Well, maybe only 3 - field peas, corn, baby limas, and I don't eat them but once in a blue moon.

I know I need to find a way to sneak them into my diet, and would be willing to try purees, but I wouldn't know what to buy or what to do with what I bought.

I wonder, are there pre-made purees that I could buy at the store?

Thanks for any input!

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