My oldest daughter Emmy just turned ten this week

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My oldest daughter Emmy just turned ten this week and I think the double digits are making me see her in a whole new light. For so many years she was my adorable baby and little girl. Now she is a real "tween," with definite tastes about fashion, music, and even food! As much as she is her own person, I have to smile when I think of how the Sneaky Chef techniques in my kitchen have shaped her palate.  Emmy loves the dishes I serve. Her taste buds seem to have settled into appreciating good food that’s good for her, heaping her plate with veggies every night.

Little Sammy, my eight year old, is another story: she's just as happy eating Chinese noodles as the rest of us, but the fork would come to a screeching halt if she found out there’s actually 3 hidden veggies in our family favorite.

I think it's important to keep in mind that my recipes benefit everyone, whether they love eating fruits and veggies straight up, or do best not knowing they're in there. In every delicious recipe I've created, I sneak in powerful foods so that our kids, our men and even ourselves feel better than ever before-no matter what we’ve all been eating.

Emmy says the Sneaky Chef is the smartest, best food around (she knows what’s in it). Sammy says it's the yummiest (she doesn’t know ; ). Ask your kids and your men what they think - I’m always extremely interested to know.

With healthiest regards,


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