Grab n' Go Granola Bars

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Hi! My husband and twin boys love the grab and go granola bars. I was wondering if you had the nutritional information listed somewhere? I didn't see it in the book- which by the way I have absolutely loved using! Thanks for your help Kathy

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Hi Kathy,

Thanks so much for the great feedback (pardon the pun : )

The grab n' go granola bars have been a big hit with men and boys in particular since they're loaded with oats, which are renowned for their high energy (secret: farmers feed them to draft horses when they're going to work them all day ; )

The nutritional info that I have so far is on the free recipes page of the website. I'm adding more all the time, so stay tuned. I'll make the grab n' go granola bars a priority with my nutritional folks.

Keep up the great work!


hi i tried the granola bars today and the kids loved them! only problem is they were not firm enough and crumbled badly when i placed them in plastic bags. so i've renamed them "granola crumbles". how can i make them firmer so they hold their shape in a lunch bag? should i have baked them longer?


For any of you having issues with the granola bars not holding together, try the simple fix I've posted on the Free Recipes pages of the site at:



Thank you so much for posting this fix! I can't wait to try it today!

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