Adding milled flax seed

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Missy - if I wanted to add milled flaxseed to the recipes, do I need to omit anything? Or just add it?

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Hi Carrie,

Sorry for the delay in answering your question. We just posted the new website, as you may have noticed, and the blog functionality is still being perfected.

The answer to your question is to add the milled flax seed in place of some other dry ingredient like wheat germ or oat bran. Otherwise the proportions will be off.

I'm glad you're thinking so healthily : )

Keep up the good work!


I successfully added some flax seed to the breakfast cookies. Just remember that they will darken much faster. Also, I substituted some cocoa to mix with the sugar for sprinkling (instead of cinnamon, which my kids find "too spicy.") I told them the cookies were dark brown because they had cocoa in them. They were a huge hit!

Also, I think that a large part of the success of the baked goods depends on the kids smelling that fabulous "baking cookies" smell. Thanks, Missy, for inspiring me to bake!

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