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My oldest daughter Emmy just turned ten this week and I think the double digits are making me see her in a whole new light. For so many years she was my adorable baby and little girl. Now she is a real "tween," with definite tastes about fashion, music, and even food! As much as she is her own person, I have to smile when I think of how the Sneaky Chef techniques in my kitchen have shaped her palate.  Emmy loves the dishes I serve. Her taste buds seem to have settled into appreciating good food that’s good for her, heaping her plate with veggies every night.

Little Sammy, my eight year old, is another story: she's just as happy eating Chinese noodles as the rest of us, but the fork would come to a screeching halt if she found out there’s actually 3 hidden veggies in our family favorite.

I think it's important to keep in mind that my recipes benefit everyone, whether they love eating fruits and veggies straight up, or do best not knowing they're in there. In every delicious recipe I've created, I sneak in powerful foods so that our kids, our men and even ourselves feel better than ever before-no matter what we’ve all been eating.

Emmy says the Sneaky Chef is the smartest, best food around (she knows what’s in it). Sammy says it's the yummiest (she doesn’t know ; ). Ask your kids and your men what they think - I’m always extremely interested to know.

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Grab n' Go Granola Bars

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Hi! My husband and twin boys love the grab and go granola bars. I was wondering if you had the nutritional information listed somewhere? I didn't see it in the book- which by the way I have absolutely loved using! Thanks for your help Kathy

Prefer purees over whole veggies

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First I have to say I love your cookbook!!!  I love how your puree's are a blend of veggies.  I made my first sneaky dinner last night and it was delish!  I am not a big veggie eater but it helps me by having purees in the meal instead of whole veggies.

I just needed to find out how to figure out the caloric value and break down..my husband and I need to watch our calorie intake.

Thank you for the cookbooks!

Jeanine A.

Vegetarian Book?

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Old and Young

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Dear Ms. Lapine, This is a note of appreciation from a physician who loves to cook for others (nephews but no children, plus a husband and lots of friends) and who cares more and more about nutrition, for the sick, the aging, the young. Your recipes are brilliant. We can incorporate them into our meals at home, but it will be a wonderful day indeed when hospitals and schools begin to follow your lead. Can you imagine? My sincere and deepest thanks for your work! Kate W.

Adding milled flax seed

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Missy - if I wanted to add milled flaxseed to the recipes, do I need to omit anything? Or just add it?

Wow! What a great response!

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Moms, dads, and even kids have been writing in daily with testimonials about the men's recipes in my new book released last week, "How to Cheat on Your Man in the Kitchen."  I can't tell how good that makes me feel. Even though The Sneaky Chef for Kids continues to be a best seller, I have to admit that I still had a bit of anxiety in me about the publication of the men's recipes. Well, I am sleeping well now, thanks to everyone who has told me that the man in their life is gobbling up the food and asking for more.

It seems that our test groups of firemen were right-they didn't care if it was healthy as long as it tasted good.  In fact, they preferred it healthy. This makes sense to me because that's what I want, too. Now it's been validated by men everywhere, and I couldn't be happier about it.  

Why not make every recipe as healthy as it can be? If it tastes as good as the original, there's absolutely no reason not to.  And given that food is our best weapon against disease, there is even more reason to include super foods in our favorite recipes whenever we can. This is only getting better and better!

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