Sneaky Tetrazzini

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Hi Missy - I added in about 1/4 cup of the white bean puree to the Chicken Tetrazzini and it did not affect the flavor at all! Like you said, I will just experiment, keeping in mind color and texture guidelines.

I have been freezing the purees in ice cube trays, then transfering to freezer bag - works great as the cubes are about 2 TBS each, so makes it easy for measuring. I made the white puree and have been adding it to my stock when I make soups - they’ll never know!

I made the chicken tenders from your book the other night - more for adults than kids though - I ground up some garlic bread into the breading mixture + added Romano cheese - they were delicious!! I

Also, I wanted to ask about pureeing some frozen strawberries I have in my freezer from our garden. I froze them whole, on a cookie sheet, then transferred to a bag. Should I let them thaw out before putting them in the food processor? Do I need to add lemon juice? I would like to do this instead of the strawberry juice in case I want to add the berries to yogurt (my son doesn’t object to the texture).Thanks in advance and thank you for such an inspiring book!

– OHCheryl

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Hi Cheryl,
Now you're really becoming a sneaky chef : ) I'm so glad your tetrazzini has been made more nutritious without losing any of its great taste–that's what it's all about.

Regarding the strawberries, it’s definitely a good idea to thaw frozen items prior to pureeing as it’s easier on the blades. Berries thaw quickly, especially if you place the bag in a little warm water. The lemon juice will help them retain all of their appetizing color.

All the best,

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