Casein and Gluten Intolerant

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Dear Sneaky Chef,

What would be a good substitution for wheat germ? My son is casein and gluten intolerant, and while Ive found good replacements for most wheat and dairy products, but Im stumped when it comes to wheat germ.

Thanks so much for the wonderful books. My family loves the recipes and we are all enjoying eating healthier!


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Here is a great resource for those of you with gluten and wheat intolerance issues:
It’s a page full of substitutions for wheat products including mild tasting barley, rice, quinoa and corn flours (some of these flours have a little gluten, some don’t have any at all).

For casein intolerance, try almond or rice milks. Soy milk is suspect for lots of reasons.

Hope this helps!

A wheat-free, gluten-free substitute for wheat germ is Rice Polish. And for wheat bran would be Rice Bran.

Hi Missy
Our whole family are enjoying the recipes from your book. Whilst we don't need to be sneaky about adding fruits and vegetables to get the kids to eat them, the dietary restrictions we face being gluten free means that every little bit of extra nutrition I can get into them helps.

We have managed to modify many to cope with the gluten free diet, however there are some that are proving more difficult. Can you please suggest some seed and/or nut mixes we can add to gluten free flour that will not significantly alter the taste but will improve the nutritional value. Also, what can we use instead of rolled oats? I have tried to get hold of Eva's suggestions (above) but we live in Hong Kong and they do not seem to be available. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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