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March 2008 Archives

Casein and Gluten Intolerant

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Dear Sneaky Chef,

What would be a good substitution for wheat germ? My son is casein and gluten intolerant, and while Ive found good replacements for most wheat and dairy products, but Im stumped when it comes to wheat germ.

Thanks so much for the wonderful books. My family loves the recipes and we are all enjoying eating healthier!


Sneaky Tetrazzini

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Hi Missy - I added in about 1/4 cup of the white bean puree to the Chicken Tetrazzini and it did not affect the flavor at all! Like you said, I will just experiment, keeping in mind color and texture guidelines.

I have been freezing the purees in ice cube trays, then transfering to freezer bag - works great as the cubes are about 2 TBS each, so makes it easy for measuring. I made the white puree and have been adding it to my stock when I make soups - they’ll never know!

I made the chicken tenders from your book the other night - more for adults than kids though - I ground up some garlic bread into the breading mixture + added Romano cheese - they were delicious!! I

Also, I wanted to ask about pureeing some frozen strawberries I have in my freezer from our garden. I froze them whole, on a cookie sheet, then transferred to a bag. Should I let them thaw out before putting them in the food processor? Do I need to add lemon juice? I would like to do this instead of the strawberry juice in case I want to add the berries to yogurt (my son doesn’t object to the texture).Thanks in advance and thank you for such an inspiring book!

– OHCheryl

Meatloaf Love

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I just fixed my first recipe, Maxed Out Meatloaf, and it was wonderful! My husband, daughter & I agree that it was the best we’ve ever tasted. My daughter (who is 5) even asked for it in her lunchbox tomorrow and told me to tell you that it was delicious! I can’t wait to try out the other recipes, thank you!!!!

New Book, New Website

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Hi Everyone 
It's been super busy around here, as anyone who has ever built a new website will attest. The second book (How to Cheat on Your Man in the Kitchen!) has just been published, with its associated publicity tour and appearance on the Today Show, plus I'm still spending time most days perfecting another 100 recipes for book 3. All in all, the incredible success of the Sneaky Chef Brand has been keeping me hopping. But along with that comes some great energy, so now I can keep up with my 8 and 10 year olds ;)  It used to be they could wear me out–now we all happily collapse at the end of our energetic days, having burned up all of the great food we've eaten all day : )

Talk with you soon!

With healthiest regards,


New Website

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Dear Sneaky Visitor,
I am so excited to share my new web site with you.
Our family of sneaky chefs has grown over the last year since the publishing of my first book, The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kid's Favorite Meals, and so, too, has the need for more information in an easier to find manner. I know you will enjoy our new features and the easy-on-the-eyes graphic format, and I invite you to write me at any time with comments, questions and ideas in the "Ask the Sneaky Chef" section of my website. With the publishing of my newest book in the first week of April 2008 , The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Man (in the Kitchen), this is a very exciting time not only for my family and myself, but for the Sneaky Chef family of chefs around the world who care about their family's health.
With healthiest regards, and much gratitude,
Missy Chase Lapine

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