With Gratitude…

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As you may have noticed, there’s been a lively dialogue going on about The Sneaky Chef in the media over the past few days. As this discussion has unfolded, I have been truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I have received from Sneaky Chef fans worldwide, who have made their passionate, articulate opinions known across the Internet! It is a pleasure and a privilege to be connected to parents who are so deeply committed to their children’s health and well-being. I am extraordinarily moved by everyone’s kind words, and more grateful than I can say for all of your help in making The Sneaky Chef a household name. My Best to You and to Your Families, Missy

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Missy, I am so sorry this fiasco is happening to you. I've emailed all the shows that Seinfeld has appeared on and also those she's scheduled to appear on and let them know exactly what I think of the situation! My best wishes to you. I love your book and the recipes. Even though I'm not a child I am a dieter and find your methods to be a wonderful way to volumize many of the recipes I use and make them more nutritious at the same time. Thank you so much! Linda Sigrist, Michigan

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your kind thoughts. It's really a benefit to kids everywhere as more and more parents become aware of how easy it is to sneak healthy foods into kids' favorite meals.

Check out the New York Times piece at:


and the New York Daily News piece at:


All the best,


Dear Missy,

I have had your book for several months now and have made nearly every recipe. The food is fabulous and your ideas are genius! My kids devour the food and the whole family is feeling the difference.

My mother called me when the Oprah show aired and wanted to know if I had the same book because she hears me boast of the fantastic recipes that I use from your book all the time. She said it sounded like the same book, different author. I haven't looked at the other book and don't think I need to do so. It is disappointing what celebrity status can afford these days.

Thank you for inspiring moms and others concerned with good health. I have found your ideas valuable and have adopted them into recipes that my family has loved for years. We can't seem to keep enough good vegetables and wheat germ in the house! I'm going right over to amazon.com to leave a long overdue rave review!
Best wishes,

As all of us know, you were the first Sneaky Chef and will always be! You have been successful and have the health and well-being of children in your heart. We at Chef Mama support you and will continue to talk to other moms about you!

Keep your head held high and keep smiling!


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