The Today Show with Beyonce

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Whew! The Today Show appearance is over and I can go back to my life in the kitchen. But not before I share my female insecurities with you first! When I heard Beyonce was going to be on the Today Show the same day as my appearance, this put my insecurities over the edge. I don't care if you're Julia Roberts, any woman looks shabby next to this goddess! I had planned to wear a tight fitting "Juicy" cotton turtle neck under my apron for the cooking segment, when I realized that Beyonce would probably be gorgeous and half naked on the Plaza. So I set out to my local mall to find a more interesting, dare I say sexy, shirt for under my apron, (already an oxymoron for anything Beyonce) not so much to compete with the Goddess, but just so I could feel good. No less than 10 stores and blistered feet later, I ended up with a James Perse sleeve tight-fitting button down shirt in navy, open at the neck, but as soon as I put it on, I FELT great! I no longer cared that I would be in the same room as Beyonce, because something about this shirt made me feel confident and in touch with my own inner goddess (haha), even if I had a big 'ol apron on top. In the end, Beyonce and I were in separate "green rooms," although I did get a great view of the concert which was awe-inspiring. So goes my day at the Today Show with Beyonce! Back to the kitchen!

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Thanks for your book...this is exactly what I need for my two picky little eaters! One question...while makine the purple puree I had some trouble getting all of the little pieces of spinach chopped up enough so that my kids wouldn't notice. Could this be because I used frozen spinach. I haven't tried fresh spinach yet. Any ideas?

I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct place, but since you are on the subject of purple puree, I made the purple puree yesterday and tried it in the bonus burgers and brownies today. Even though it said the recipe should only make 1 cup of puree, I got almost 2. Did I not puree it long enough? How long does it need to "process"? It looked fine by itself, but I could still see bits of blueberry skin in the burgers (the kids didn't notice!)

They tasted great, but the larger ones fell apart when I cooked them on a stovetop grill pan. (I made 4 oz burgers for grown ups and 2 oz ones for kids, but my son ate 2 of the small ones!)

I tried the brownies. To be honest, I liked them well enough to eat, but not enough to want to binge. I guess that is good. The kids have not had dessert yet. I told my daughter she can't have dessert because she didn't eat the raw carrots I gave them on the side, but I just realized now that I guess that defeats the whole purpose of ending dinnertime battles. Should I just tell her she doesn't have to eat the carrots? She is 4 and at all but a bite or 2 of the 2 oz burger.

Sorry for the long question!! Thanks for this book!!


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