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April 2007 Archives

Hi Everyone,

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I just HAD to comment on this article I just saw at the following link: http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070330/OPINION/703300395/1030/POLITICS The title is: FOOD ADS CONTRIBUTING TO CHILD OBESITY EPIDEMIC. As if we didn’t know… But it is an interesting read. This particular article starts off with, “Half of all the advertising time on children’s television shows is devoted to food, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study of food advertising aimed at kids. And what do the commercials pitch? Candy, cereal, fast-food and other restaurants, soda and other sweetened drinks.” It’s time to level the playing field and start feeding our kids real food again. And if they won’t take it straight up, well I have just the remedy for that!

The Today Show with Beyonce

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Whew! The Today Show appearance is over and I can go back to my life in the kitchen. But not before I share my female insecurities with you first! When I heard Beyonce was going to be on the Today Show the same day as my appearance, this put my insecurities over the edge. I don't care if you're Julia Roberts, any woman looks shabby next to this goddess! I had planned to wear a tight fitting "Juicy" cotton turtle neck under my apron for the cooking segment, when I realized that Beyonce would probably be gorgeous and half naked on the Plaza. So I set out to my local mall to find a more interesting, dare I say sexy, shirt for under my apron, (already an oxymoron for anything Beyonce) not so much to compete with the Goddess, but just so I could feel good. No less than 10 stores and blistered feet later, I ended up with a James Perse sleeve tight-fitting button down shirt in navy, open at the neck, but as soon as I put it on, I FELT great! I no longer cared that I would be in the same room as Beyonce, because something about this shirt made me feel confident and in touch with my own inner goddess (haha), even if I had a big 'ol apron on top. In the end, Beyonce and I were in separate "green rooms," although I did get a great view of the concert which was awe-inspiring. So goes my day at the Today Show with Beyonce! Back to the kitchen!

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