New Year, New You with Sneaky Blends Cleanse™ Reboot


Are you struggling with your New Year’s Resolutions?

Here’s A Resolution You Can Keep

My Blends Cleanse Reboot is so easy and so delicious. Check out the video below for a quick preview and further below you’ll find my 3 Day Reboot and some tips on how to incorporate them into your everyday life to help you maintain both a healthy weight and good nutrition all year long.

Sneaky Blends 3-Day Reboot

If you want to go ahead and begin the 3-Day Reboot right away—perhaps you’ve done it before and know the drill—here are the basic guidelines to follow for the
next few days. More instructions in my book Sneaky Blends that give you more how-what-why details.

Blends Cleanse 3 Day RebootThere are only five simple guidelines to remember for your 3-Day Reboot (which I also call the Blends Cleanse™):

  1. Replace three meals a day with the purees below for three days. Follow the exact recipes and portion sizes, and promise me you won’t skip.
  2. Eat two snacks each day—and dessert. You’ll find the quick-fix recipes later in this chapter.
  3. Stick to the Cleanse Blend options in the meal chart below. They’re designed to give you the right balance of nutrients from a variety of foods over the course of the day. If you only eat one blend, you’ll miss out.
  4. Go ahead and have a cup or two of coffee a day—or caffeinated tea. You can also add a splash of organic milk, unsweetened plant-based milk, and a little raw honey or Stevia. But steer clear of processed stuff like nondairy creamers and sugar (regular sugar or artificial).
  5. Ditch the booze for now.

Couldn’t be easier, right? Oh, and don’t forget to weigh yourself before you start the Reboot and then again on the morning of day four so you can measure your results!


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Base Blends
Sneaky Substitutions for Your Classic Holiday Recipes

Sneaky Substitutions for Your Classic Holiday Recipes


Just as Delicious, Now More Nutritious

We all have our favorite holiday recipes that the family requests every year. If your house is anything like mine, the less healthy they are, the more they are liked. This year you can serve the same recipes with a Sneaky Twist while keeping the flavor and eliminating some unnecessary extra calories and fat.

I am always looking for new tips to add to my list, so please share your healthy cooking tips and tricks in the comment section below.

10 Substitution Tips for Healthier Holiday Recipes

  1. Use my flour blend (1/3 white flour, 1/3 whole wheat, and 1/3 wheat germ) in holiday baking recipes instead of 100% refined white flour for the same great taste and more nutrients. Click for Flour Blend Recipe
  2. In recipes where you use water, use a nutritious liquid instead. Water by itself doesn’t add any nutrients.
    • Milk adds calcium, vitamin D and protein.
    • Blueberry or pomegranate juice adds a concentrated dose of immune-building phytochemicals and a day’s worth of vitamin C.
    • Green tea provides a significant dose of heart-protecting antioxidants and builds immunity.
    • Vegetable broth provides potassium, calcium and all of the essential minerals.
    • Chicken or beef broth adds minerals and protein.Substitute Water in Recipes with Nutrient Rich Liquids
  3. Reduce the butter used in baking recipes dark in color, like brownies, by substituting some of the butter with my purple puree (half and half); a mixture of blueberries and baby spinach. Click for Purple Base Blend Recipe
  4. Reduce the butter used in baking recipes light in color, like sugar cookies, by substituting some of the butter with my white bean puree (half and half); a mixture of blueberries and baby spinach. Click for White Bean Base Blend Recipe
  5. Use pureed white beans in place of the cream in creamy soups. Click for White Bean Base Blend Recipe
  6. In recipes that call for mayonnaise (devlied eggs, dressings, etc.), mix half mayonnaise and half white bean base blend.  Click for White Bean Base Blend Recipe
  7. Add pureed vegetables (white bean base blend) to your holiday mac-n-cheese and a little extra cheese to get that creamy consistency you want.
  8. Add pureed cauliflower to mash potatoes to cut down on the carbs. Click for Cauliflower Base Blend Recipe.
  9. Add green pureed veggies, like my Sweet Pea-Baby Kale Base Blend, to your holiday meatballs, more nutrients and same great taste!
  10. Stir in some green or orange blend to gravy for added nutrients. Click for my gravy recipe!
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Base Blends
Going Green in 2017

Going Green in 2017


Next year we are all going green, according to the Pantone Color Institute…

While fashion and decor trends are going green according to Color of 2017 Pantone Picks a Spring Shade article by Vanessa Friedman , so are my blends.

My green blends are so delicious and versatile you’ll be adding them to every meal. Slip them in for added nutrients or use as an ingredient replacement to cut some fat.

Green Base Blends:

Broccoli-Pea-Spinach Base Blend - Green Base BlendBroccoli-Pea-Spinach Base Blend

Sweet Pea-Baby Kale Base Blend – full recipe in Sneaky Blends

Sweet Pea Base Blend – full recipe in Sneaky Blends

Recipes with Broccoli-Pea-Spinach Base Blend


Broccoli-Cheddar Mini Frittatas

Broccoli-Cheddar Mini Frittatas

Seared Salmon with Dill Sauce – full recipe in Sneaky Blends

Warm Green Basil Blend – full recipe in Sneaky Blends

Pesto Pasta with Roasted Shrimp – full recipe in Sneaky Blends

Pistachio Power Pesto – full recipe in Sneaky Blends

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Base Blends
Sneaky Chef Top Pick: Cerastone® CeraComm 10 and 12 inch Fry Pans

Sneaky Chef Top Pick: Cerastone® CeraComm 10 and 12 inch Fry Pans

byMissy Chase-Lapine

Healthy Cooking isn’t just about Healthy Recipes

Heathy Cooking Starts in the Pan

Why I like Ceramic non-stick skillets like Cerastone®?—healthy cooking really does start in the pan! Regular non-stick cookware contains chemicals (PTFE and PFOA) that release when heated. My goal is to get toxins out of your life. So do your body a favor and invest in a ceramic-coated pan—like Cerastone®—which don’t contain any of these potentially harmful chemicals.

The CeraComm 10 and 12 inch fry pan has a steel handle and UltraCoat 22 Titanium ceramic interior that makes it safe for high oven temperatures; so you can go straight from the stove top to the oven in the same pan! I love less clean-up. You also get a removable silicone sleeve making it heat resistant and comfortable to hold.

When cooking is YOU can be confidant that you are feeding your family not just nutritionally healthy recipes, but chemically healthy as well.

Try some of my favorite recipes in your new Cerastone® non-stick pan including my:
Crunchy Kale Crust Pizza – you read it correctly, kale crust pizza, pizza doesn’t get any more guilt-free than that. Get the thin perfectly crisp pizza at home every time.
Speedy Stovetop Lasagna – perfect for a busy weeknight dinner or lunch idea for the whole family, and with 8 hidden veggies no one will believe it’s actually good for them.
Protein Pancakes – these protein packed pancakes are a healthy alternative to breakfasts on the go; make ahead and then heat for just 30 seconds in the microwave for a grab-n-go breakfast you and your family can feel good about
Zucchini Pasta Piccata – eliminate the carbs and the carb crash with this delicious zucchini noodle substitute. With all of the flavor and none of the guilt, this will be your go-to dinner.
Seared Salmon with Dill Sauce – Seared salmon paired with my veggie packed dill sauce will have even the best chefs impressed. This meal is not only easy but has all of the good fats and none of the bad. Go for it, dip your toe in the sea.

The CeraStone CeraComm cookware line is Sneaky Chef tested and approved. I love it so much I’ve even given it as a gift. You could say, it’s one of those gifts that keep on giving.

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Detox and Lose Weight with the Blends Cleanse™

Detox and Lose Weight with the Blends Cleanse™


Detox and Lose Weight before the Holidays with the Blends Cleanse™

Cleanse now, party later – join me to get a jump on the holidays and feel our absolute best now, so we don’t start the holiday season “in the hole!”

Smarter than smoothies, better than juicing….blends are the new cleanse!

I’ve created a super simple, delicious Blends Cleanse in my new book Sneaky Blends, that’ll get us in shape now, so we can enjoy the holiday season. C’mon, let’s do this together. You can do my Blends Cleanse for 1 to 3 days any or every week from now thru Thanksgiving and you may Lose those annoying last 5-10 pounds—or jump start an even greater weight loss journey. You’ll feel amazing – with no hunger and no deprivation. You even get my crazy good “truffle treats” on this cleanse!

Maybe you’re asking “why not go on a juice fast instead?” Juicing is so 2015! And personally, every time I tried a juice cleanse, I got migraines, a UTI, or just plain foggy-headed and starving.

Demonstration Waste from Juicing

Look at all the fiber-rich pulp that juicing wastes – not so with my Blends!

Here’s some more differences between my Blends and Juices:

• Blends are easier to make at home than juices, and less clean up and less waste
• You can cook with blends and add them to everything you eat/make, whereas a juice is a juice is a juice!
• Blends are totally satisfying, delicious, and fill you up – plus they’re easy on the belly
• Blends have all the fiber; juices discard the fiber (pulp) so they don’t fill you up as well as Blends

Here’s what some of our beta testers had to say about my Blends Cleanse:

“The juice cleanse I did made me irritable and shaky—and the weight I lost yo-yoed back. That didn’t happen in Missy’s cleanse, which was great! I had a smooth, organic energy and the blends didn’t feel forced and disruptive like juicing—because they’re food. They were like comfort food, actually! I lost weight, felt better and never felt deprived.” Hellen S.

“Missy’s 3-Day Reboot made me feel like I was getting a cleanse—but also like I was eating really well. I had good energy, didn’t feel hungry and had delicious, clean food. I actually still do it on my own two days a week because the blends are so easy to make and it keeps my weight on track.” —Elina F.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll be eating on your Blends Cleanse day:

Blends Cleanse Your 3-Day Reboot

Maple-Sweet Potato Cleanse Blend

1 ½ cups Carrot-Sweet Potato Blend*
2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
1 to 2 teaspoons pure maple syrup
Sea salt
Ground cinnamon (optional)

Warm the Blend, oil, and maple syrup in a small saucepan. Add salt and cinnamon to taste, if using, and serve.

Maple Sweet Potato Cleanse Blend

Maple Sweet Potato Cleanse Blend

*Carrot-Sweet Potato Blend

2 large sweet potatoes or yams, peeled and rough chopped
6 large carrots, peeled and rough chopped
Filtered water

Place a steamer basket into a large pot, pour in a few inches of water (make sure the water is below the bottom of the basket) and set it over high heat. Add the sweet potatoes and carrots and steam, covered, for 15 to 20 minutes, until fork tender. Blend veggies with 2 to 3 tablespoons of filtered water until smooth, adding more water as necessary.

Keeps for 3 days in the refrigerator, 3 months in the freezer. Mix any leftover blend into omelets, pancake batter, pasta sauce, mac n cheese, soups, and more!

Ready to join me? Grab your copy of Sneaky Blends, and be sure to join the Facebook page for more blends cleanse recipes, ideas and support!

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The Sneaky Chef
My Solution to the Great Peanut Butter Divide

My Solution to the Great Peanut Butter Divide


If you’ve got a school-aged kid, I bet you spend a lot of time thinking about food allergies—whether or not your child actually has one. That’s because they’re so commonplace these days—1 in 13 kids now suffers from them—even if your child doesn’t have a reaction to nuts, or kiwi, or eggs, or whatever, she’s surely been in class with at least one peer who does. And that means you have to scour snack labels, make sure lunches are clear of allergens, and really stop and consider the ingredients you use for school birthday cupcakes, or the annual bake sale. Many schools have also banned peanuts and tree nuts across the board, so you may have even had to reconsider the ever-popular PB&J. Probably much to your kid’s dismay. And in my experience, all of these restrictions often breed resentment with parents, too. I feel for you!
If you are a parent on the other side of this issue, like me, you think not just about your kid’s safety, but also the social piece of your child fitting in with her classmates when she’s the reason why a lot of favorite foods need to stay home. My daughter, Sami, was born with more than 30 food allergies, including a severe reaction to nuts. So at school, she had to sit at the No-Peanut table at lunch—which was colloquially known as the No-Friend table. It was that aspect of having a super allergic child that was a real shocker to me. You think everyone is going to rally around the kid who gets sick from nuts and eggs and a litany of other things—but it just gets treated as an inconvenience. Sami became the odd one out. The outcast. And it broke my heart.

That’s how my No-Nut Butter was born. As The Sneaky Chef, my mission is to give kids back their favorite foods—only made healthier and more nutritious. Neither one of my daughters would eat the peanut butter alternatives on the market—the ones made with soy or sunflower seeds. Not only did they hate the taste, to them, those products felt more like punishment than something that was actually delicious and fun. So I set out to develop the great equalizer: A nut-free butter that is delicious and could reach across both sides of the sandwich aisle—and please kids (and their parents) with and without allergies. Instead of looking to the usual nut substitutes, I went in a completely different direction and replaced the peanuts with peas, which are naturally nutty, sweet and creamy—and also happen to be really good for you, too (Sneaky Chef moment!).

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Apple season is in full swing

Apple season is in full swing


5 surprising recipes to incorporate this fall staple into your diet from my new book Sneaky Blends:

Frosted Banana Cupcake Bites
Banana Cupcake Bites from Sneaky Blends
Lemon Chia Quick Bread from Sneaky Blends
Lemon Chia Quick Bread from Sneaky Blends

Chai tea smoothie bowls

Warm butternut squash apple breakfast soup

Lemon chia quick bread

Curry chicken salad

Gluten free cupcake bites





You’ll find these and 100 more super-good-for-you yet crazy delicious meals, snacks, and treats in my new book, Sneaky Blends. Get your copy today at and grab your free copy of Sneaky Sweets, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings without adding to your waist-line.

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Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin


The healthy benefits of this and other orange-colored produce

Pumpkin – Like other orange-colored produce, such as carrots and sweet potatoes, pumpkin is a rich in beta-carotene—an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals and has been linked to cancer prevention. I often use 100 percent pure canned pumpkin, rather than go through the hassle of chopping and roasting fresh pumpkin. There’s good evidence that the canned stuff is just as nutritious—if not more—than fresh. So why not save yourself the time? Just be sure not to get the sweetened pie filling kind.

I lean heavily on these super-good-for-you items in the meals, snacks, and treats in my new book, Sneaky Blends. Get your copy today at and grab your free copy of Sneaky Sweets, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings without adding to your waist-line.

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The Sneaky Chef