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Author of The Sneaky Chef Books

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Junior League of Dallas Annual Gala | Keynote Speech (24 minutes)



Wellesley, MA, Mother's Group: Keynote Speech (21 minutes)

"I really wanted to thank Missy for coming to Wellesley! I couldn't be happier with how things turned out. The feedback from our members has been phenomenal -- I haven't heard a single negative thing said, and believe me, around here that is rare!

"People have been raving about Missy and what a great speaker she is. They said it was the best lecture they've seen in all their years. We all loved her laid-back style, her annecdotes from her own personal experiences, how approachable she is and of course, her practical tips for improving our families' nutrition. Unlike certain other "celebrity" chefs, she just seems so real -- like she said, she's just another mom, trying to get her family to eat healthier, facing the same challenges we all face. When she said we're all in it together, we could tell she really meant it. I think Missy will have a lot of new fans here in Wellesley! Thank you, thank you, thank you again! It was great to meet you and I hope our paths cross again!"

~Jen M., Event Organizer



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Columbia University School of Public Health
New York City

"This was one of the best events we've had this year. Your passion for ensuring nutritious meals emanated from your presentation. We really enjoyed learning about healthy methods that we had never considered before! It was a delight to hear both your words of wisdom as well as to see the practical side. Members of the board had wonderful things to say about your presentation. Your cooking style got us excited about the culinary arts and made us realize how easy it is. Your demonstration was interactive and exceptional. We are now motivated to increase the goodness of our meals!" ~Executive Board

Trade Show
Green Bay, WI

green bay tsc show 248.jpg Review: 
"Missy Chase Lapine was at our Get Cooking Food Show in Green Bay, Wisconsin on September 20, 2008.  She was such a joy to work with.  In advance, we had received everything she needed for her demonstration (ingredients, appliances, and kitchen utensils) and there was no last minute rushing to get things added or changed.  We had high school culinary arts students assisting her with the demo and they made a few mistakes for the first demo.  Missy went over what needed to be done differently and the second demo was done perfectly!  She is so great interacting with the crowd!  What she makes is so simple and healthy at the same time and she did a great job of communicating that.

She was very supportive of our presenting sponsor as well. She made sure to mention them along with their products – the presenting sponsor was ecstatic!  What a true professional at her job. I would hire her again to be part of our cooking show.
"~Kris Mattes, Director of Shows & Events

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Therapeutic Riding Association Annual Gala
Erie, PA
Keynote Speaker

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Tradeshows & Events




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