November 8: Press Event Announcing Partnership with Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York:
November 8 - Press Event Announcing Partnership with Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York
I was a little nervous. I was about to give the most personal and heartfelt speech I’d ever given in my life. Here it was, five years after starting The Sneaky Chef in my own home kitchen, and now this method was about to be served in patient rooms at one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals.
The room was filled with hospital personnel, patients, camera crews, doctors and nurses. It was only when I looked at the patients, the children, that I began to relax. Although I’d already received thousands of testimonials from parents around the world whose lives had been changed by the Sneaky Chef method, coming face to face with so many children who were going through so much was truly incredible. Each of them was sitting there with a plate full of nutritionally enhanced foods I’d helped to provide. This was the culmination of a life long goal.
At one point I was introduced to a particularly beautiful and brave little girl. She is facing an unimaginable medical challenge with a calm and cheerful heart that is truly inspiring. It put everything into perspective in a flash. I am now more determined, more energized, and more convinced than ever that my approach to kids’ nutrition can make an impact in the lives of children everywhere. In sickness or in health, serving nutritional meals that kids will actually eat is paramount to healthier lives.
I am honored that Sneaky Chef foods will be served to these brave patients at Children’s Hospital of New York. I am proud to make even the smallest difference in these wonderful children’s lives.

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