3 Day Blends Cleanse by The Sneaky Chef




If you want to go ahead and begin the 3-Day Reboot right away—perhaps you’ve done it before and know the drill—here are the basic guidelines to follow for the next few days. More instructions follow, though, that give you more how-whatwhy details.

There are only five simple guidelines to remember for your 3-Day Reboot (which I also call the Blends Cleanse™):

Replace three meals a day with vegetable and fruit purees from Sneaky Blends for three days. Follow the exact recipes and portion sizes, and promise me you won’t skip.

Eat two snacks each day—and dessert.

Stick to the Cleanse Blend options in the meal provided in the book. They’re designed to give you the right balance of nutrients from a variety of foods over the course of the day. If you only eat one blend, you’ll miss out.

Go ahead and have a cup or two of coffee a day—or caffeinated tea. You can also add a splash of organic milk, unsweetened plant-based milk, and a little raw honey or Stevia. But steer clear of processed stuff like nondairy creamers and sugar (regular sugar or artificial).

Ditch the booze for now.

Couldn’t be easier, right?

You’ll find more helpful info about the guidelines in Sneaky Blends and remember to weigh yourself before you start the Reboot and then again on the morning of day four so you can measure your results!

With the Blends Cleanse the recommended Total Calories for the Day is approximately 1,250. For all my Blends Cleanse Recipes Pre-Order Sneaky Blends Today and follow me on social media for exclusive recipe sneak peeks.

The Sneaky Chef